Watch the whole story of black holes in a series of 15 short interviews with famous scientists from all over the world, for whom black holes are their work and their passion.

Black holes: no phenomenon is stranger, no reality less tangible. Einstein rejected them, astronomers tried to ignore them. But today black holes are a fundamental part of the way scientists understand our universe. gives you the whole picture.

Scienceface Trailer

Find out what black holes are and how astronomers observe them. Learn how physicists "experiment" with them using the world's fastest supercomputers, how astronomers hope to listen to black holes directly using huge gravitational wave detectors and why scientists no longer have Einstein's doubts about black holes.

Your interviewer is Annalie Schutz, a young musician with a curiosity about black holes. She travels the world to catch the experts, tracking them down in Sydney, Edinburgh, Munich, and Berlin.

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